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We stock almost everything for the HOME BREWER, WINE MAKER and HARD CIDER ENTHUSIAST!

Recommended brewing equipment such as Blichmann Engineering BrewEasy System, BrewBuilt, Bayou Classic kettles, starter kits, kegging, bottling, boiling, hardware, cleaning and sanitizing, wine making supplies and a whole lot more

We look forward to serving the needs of all the Home Brewers and Wine Makers in the foothill communities. We would like to invite brewers new and weathered to come check out what we have to offer

GRAIN: We proudly stock Briess, Gambrinus, Simpson, Hugh Baird, Muntons, Avanguard and Goldswaen
YEAST: We proudly stock White Labs, Wyeast, Red Star, Fermentis & Lalvin Dry Yeast for Wine, Cider & Mead
HOPS: We proudly stock at last 40 different varieties of YCH-HopUnion pellets

Mission Statement:
The Brew House Supply Store provides the most extensive selection of reasonably priced brewing and wine making equipment to the residents of the entire Sierra Nevada mountain communities
We strive to meet and exceed the expectations of our customers with knowledgeable staff, educational videos, monthly classes, along with our vast array of supplies paired with extraordinary personal service.
Private BREW PARTY CLASS by arrangement, contact us today!

The owner and staff of Brew House Supply Store in the beautiful Sierra Nevada Gold Country, would like to thank you for your interest in home brewing and home wine making and would like to be your personal supplier.

We hope to see you at our store as we will bring new products, different types of equipment, have monthly in-store deals, REWARDS for our regular customers and as always, more knowledge of our craft.

We are located in the ‘CREEKSIDE CENTER’

DIRECTIONS from Hwy 80: Take Hwy 49 Grass Valley Hwy exit and go north towards Grass Valley. Go up the hill until you pass Evergreen Ave. then when you see the sign for Live Oak Lane… you will turn RIGHT
at the top of the hill it’s just past the Park and Sell, but before Luther Rd.